Simple AND Vintage Wedding Dress, do you love it?

With the changing times, more and more variety of wedding styles. Faced with different kinds of wedding dresses, brides are spoiled for choice, it is better that we went back to the past, enjoy some of the vintage style of wholesale wedding dresses online.


2014 Eden Bridal Wedding Dress

2014 Eden Bridal wedding dress can be described as classic, there is not much too fashionable element, do not play too many avant-garde fashion. After all, most women wear wedding dress only once a lifetime wedding, timeless classic is always more desirable.


Sexy and Beautiful Women Under 30 Selected by Magazine "Vanity Fair"

Not long ago the United States authority entertainment magazine "Vanity Fair" selected this list the main consideration of the stars in recent years on weekdays and on the red carpet celebrity dresses performance. The actress has many new faces are not common, but the front position or by Emmma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan and other major suit firmly held. Have a look what the young ones are to Hollywood fashion domain shuffling.

No.10: Elizabeth Olsen
Age: 24 years old

No.9: Freida Pinto
Age: 29 years old

No.8: Kedi Horn
Age: 26 years old

No.7: Olivia Wilde
Age: 29 years old

No.6: Camilla Belle
Age: 27 years old

No.5: Alison Williams
Age: 26 years old

No.4: Jennifer Lawrence
Age: 23 years old

No.3: Emma Watson
Age: 23 years old

No.2: Blake Lively
Age: 26 years old

No.1: Carey Mulligan
Age: 28 years old


The Cute Tobi Hannah 2014 Short Dresses

 Tobi Hannah 2014's "The Wall" series almost entirely of short dress, little a girl very appropriate. The bridesmaids can pick and choose favorite style, whether it is cute, or Punk, you can find the right style.

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